Syed Taqi Shah is very intellectual person .H e was born in Village  Sankhatra District Narowal in 1953. He joined Allied Bank in 1975 and spent 36 years. He was manager of Allied bank for 12 years, faculty member of Allied Bank Staff College Lahore for 6 years, became Zonal chief of Multan 1995, and was also Zonal Chief  Sheikhupura & Corporate Zone Lahore. He served as Regional Audit Chief, Controller Operations in Lahore  ,Faisalabad & Karachi Regions. Was also Head of Purchase& Head of Audit and Monitoring of Audit Division. Was elevated as Regional Head  Gujranwala& Faisalabad. He was posted at Head office Lahore as Country Man ager Training T-24& Branches Rollout and prepared 23 User Guides for staff . He was Head of Employee Excellence in National Data Consultants Karachi for 2 year.

syed taqi shah

He is delivering lectures in many well reputed organisations and institutions and is sharing his experience. He is serving as General Manager of Saudi Pak Insurance Window Takaful Operations and was also General Manager Marketing in Habib Insurance Co Ltd.

He has soft corner for the youth, so he is trying his best to do something for the youth and has started some projects on behalf of himself. 

Many people like his intellectual level because he  is committed to pass on his knowledge and  practical experiences for guidance of Young Bankers. He is also advisor & Project Lead  People excellence of National Out Reach Program and delivers his Presentation to Youth for Knowledge Sharing in different cities.

He believes in hard work integrity & Honesty. Money is not the element which shows who is wealthy, if you have knowledge, subsistence and good health it means you are wealthy. Money without these things is nothing; you cannot buy happiness with the help of money. You should try to spread knowledge to others because it is our religious and national cause.. Every one can  be successful if he changes his attitude,  because attitude can change every thing.

syed taqi shah

You should try to eliminate the evils in the society, but do not hate the persons who are source of evils, hate only the evils. Respect the ideas of evil persons and gradually play your role to eliminate his bad habits, if you want solution of the problems. Always be the part of solution of the problem not become the part of problem.

Implement your knowledge in your daily life, otherwise you are uneducated. 

If you want to be succeeded in your life then give something to others, it may be in the form of intellectual help, financial help, your ideas, or knowledge.

Updated knowledge is very important now a days, it will help you a lot to achieve your goals, you should be the master of your profession, this is the only way to be succeeded in your life. 

Develop good habits and manners in yourself, because habits matter a lot when you start you professional career.  Action  make habits and habits make character.

If you are depressed in your life due to failures then   learn lesson from t aunts who fall again and again but never give up till they reach to their destination. 

Always work hard to achieve anything, never compromise on your principles, integrity and Honesty. Have smart Goals of life and focus to achieve them. Always try to help each others God will help you.

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