Before discussing from where poverty begins, let’s find out what actually poverty means?

Poverty is a state of not being able to get things which are available in markets with high rates labels on them. Not only this means of poverty is enough to describe this term, there are thousands of views running in this generation which can tell you what poverty is. We cannot define poverty by just saying having no money. Well deficiency of thinking good while having enough money can also be termed as poverty.

Now when we read this phrase “Poverty begins in the mind”, we conclude different points over this. Today we are giving you the best reasons and valid points that will describe this phrase completely and will help you to get rid of this unfit for mental behavior.

Yes! It is a state of mind by which we can say that we or other persons are poor. Our mind is a machine complex than a computer. This machine is working 24/7 and reacting on whatever we see and whatever we want to see. If we are tagging someone the label of poor, this means we are definitely saying our mind to see them poor and our mind is working on to let you see the other person poor.

Forget about others:

Forget about others, let’s talk about ourselves! If we are not having insufficient amount to fulfil our dreams or even to manage our daily life needs, we ultimately start saying ourselves “a poor”. Why?

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Ask yourself what will be the question for this answer. Well having not enough money can’t conclude that you are a poor. But having no positive attitude over your bad times is actually poverty. Slogans of poverty say “Poverty begins in mind”, so first stop your mind to think that you are poor. Start thinking that you a human being, a complex machine, a machine that can work thousand times better than handmade machines. You can achieve anything by letting your brain work on different things. Get up and find the ways that can make you more powerful, not more money full.

On the other side, if you are not poor and having enough money to buy whatever you want, so get up and help the poor too in achieving good levels of life. If you are rich but your heart and your mindset is not giving you rich ideas to help poor or needy ones, then count yourself in a poor too. Your thoughts about poverty make you rich or poor. After then on the second step of poverty, money lies. So don’t let your brain fails on the first step by creating poverty mindset.

We can change the world by changing our mind set. Here is a famous quote that is giving a very right meaning here “What we think, we become!” it means, money can’t decide whether you are a poor or rich, but your mind set can.

                                   “Think rich to become a Rich!”