I remember on the 17th of August 2011, how I waged war against my room in search of the money my Mum had given me to secure for her. I was scared that I had lost the money and spent hours upon hours, scattering and turning my room upside down. All of a sudden, I remembered Napoleon Hill’s book on positive thinking and immediately changed my action.

Obviously, what I had been doing was not working because my mind was already accepting my fear that the money was lost. I therefore decided to sit down, be calm and go into the positive mood. As soon as I became optimistic, removed every doubt and fear from my mind, things became clearer. Within minutes I remembered exactly where I had put the money; I looked and found it right there in my jacket in the wardrobe.

PMA (Positive Mind Attitude) is the positive and correct mental response to any incoming stimulus from your senses”. The mind is very powerful, you just may not know to what extent and the amount of power your mind wields. According to N. Hill, “we are mind in a body”. Our emotions, actions and perspective on life is as a result of how our minds react to the circumstances and events in our lives, be it positive or negative; it enables you teach and develop your mind to react positively to circumstances and events.

A positive mindset helps you understand that every problem contains the seed to its own solution, thus helping you see things from a positive point of view and also building your optimism. There are a lots of benefits from being positive; some of the benefits are;

• You build hope and overcome despair or discouragement.
• Your state of mind stays consistently healthy and productive.
• Situations and circumstances of life will no longer easily overwhelm you.
• You develop an honest, well-balanced way of thinking.
• It helps you develop a successful consciousness.
• You develop the ability to handle situations with the correct actions and reactions.

In order to have a positive mind attitude, you need to work on consistently yourself; it is not a once-in-a-blue-moon attitude. Constant practice of certain actions, like using self-motivators, will make PMA a habit.

For example, if you dwell on self-doubt, you can use affirmations like “I can, I will” or “What I can conceive and believe, I can achieve” as your self – motivator.

Write down your self-motivator(s) and paste them at strategic places, where you can see them at all times, and also recite them aloud as much as you can before going to bed at night. By doing these, you are taking control of your mind and emotions and channeling them positively towards achieving your goals with optimism and pure mind.

A positive mind attitude attracts good people and good things; so develop and practice it, and you’d be awed at the tremendous benefits that comes with it.

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