Pain is a blessing of God, it is not a bane. It is a source of information for you about any fault in your body. Pain basically provides you protection.

I am sharing a story which will support my point that pain in the body or during the illness is a blessing, it is not a bane.

My father was admitted in a hospital. There was a person next to his bed. He was almost 65 years old and was suffering from the kidney damage. I was told on enquiring that that kidneys of old man were almost damaged. He had severe pain in his kidneys. One kidney was 100% damaged and the second was 70% damaged due to presence of kidney stones. I was really surprised that how he was suffering kidney pain because it was very dangerous situation. His son told me that stones started before 10 years ago but he did not feel any pain.

pain in the kidney and the stomach

He felt pain in the beginning, they consulted with the homeopathic person who without any laboratory test gave him some doses and asked him not to eat green vegetables etc. He acted upon the advice of that homeopathic person and felt that his pain was completely gone. He felt that he was secured then from the disease of kidney stone. He was spending his life happily. Suddenly after 10 years he felt severe pain in the both kidneys. He consulted with the same person who gave him medicine on similar pattern. But this time his pain was too high and he was forced to visit hospital. Doctors checked the patient properly and they took the blood samples of that old man. After observing the medical reports doctors founded that his both the kidneys were failed. There were minute chances of his life. But the treatment was not stopped.

When first time he felt pain, kidney stones were at initial stage. He should consult with the doctor. Pain gave him message that stones are being produced in the kidneys but he did not listen to the message of the pain. He went to the homeopathic person, who gave him some pain killer and his pain was stopped. After that pain never sent him message about the fault in his kidney. So stones kept on growing and they damaged both the kidneys. Pain sent him second message when damage was done and even doctors were not in a position to recover the damage. If pain would sent him message before that, kidneys could be saved. He died after passing some days.

happy smily,

Many people think that pain is a bane but it is not true pain is a blessing. It gives you information that in your body some of the parts which are facing pain have some problems and these problems should be treated. Pain gives you information that particular area has some issue. Suppose you are bearing pain in the tooth, it means that you have some hidden problem in the tooth and you should go to the dentist to treat your disease. If you do not feel pain your tooth will be decayed after sometimes and it might be possibly cannot be treated. Then only solution will be the extraction of your tooth.

Similarly pain in the kidney, stomach, heart or any other part sends a signal to you that some problem exist and it should be treated within time.  In short words we can say that pain is a blessing of God, it is not a bane.

At the end you should not be afraid of pain instead you should analyze the message of pain so that you can resolve issue about your disease.