Malang Afzal is a person who is creating creativity, wisdom and happiness in others. He has his unique style which looks strange but this is his way. Hundreds of persons got benefit from his experience. He has learnt all the things by using his practical experience.

malang afzal

He was born at Sialkot city and started schooling at the age of 5 from a Tat School and completed his metric from same kind of schools then went to Murray college for his FSc and later on went to Lahore Government college for BA and during that time in 1998 join PMA for 82nd long course. In army he carried out complete spectrum of military trainings and duties as logistics expert and Fixed/Rotary wing Army Aviation Pilot took Part in Siachin and Kargil operation as rescue helicopter pilot. He got early retirement in 2004 and Joined IOM and UN and Later worked with US State Department and Lastly worked with Largest French investment in Pakistan.

Malang Afzal

Meanwhile in last 30 years his whole attention was in researching that what is working of our brain and how our perceptions are formulated in our mind. In Feb 2016 he got hypertension and was diagnosed as ischemic heart disease and since that he converted to a Malang and Fakeer, he started his own work of Self acclaimed Life coach and Comedian, Dog and Hikers of Swaik lake rescuer. He is a Vegan Chef …….He is doing all this because he wanted to be so all along his life. As a Life Coach, he teaches Wisdom , Creativity, Neutral Communication , Happiness , Wellness and Longevity for Life , Business and Career. He has kept his life very simple and has faced very few challenges and mostly those are because our traditional education and food. He believe we all are continuously changing entities, having no centre. Therefore we should live simple life, eat vegan food and learn how brain work as mind.

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