During my intermediate study there was my friend who was very bright student. He got very good marks in matriculation and got admission in FC college on of the best college in Pakistan. He was very talented and hardworking student. He got very good marks in the send up examination. But later on he involved in bad activities. He did not focus on his study and he used to spend his time in useless activities. I was observing that he was wasting his talent. After sometimes date sheet of exams was announced and he was very worried about the exams because he had no preparation for the exams. He was very upset and he started to think about the short cuts so that he can get good marks in the final exams. Many his friends asked him to work hard but he was not convinced. He had made his mind to get good result by using the short cuts.

Before some days of exams he told us that he could get very good marks without studying even a single word. We were surprised that how it was possible. He told that he had used some money for the Physics, Chemistry and Bio paper. Invigilator ensured him that he would provide him help and would give him prohibited material to attempt the paper. We asked him not to follow this procedure. But he was very happy and was thinking that he would pass the exam easily.

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Physics was our first paper in the science subjects. We were attempting the paper and he was waiting for the invigilator. Invigilator came to him with a solved paper after passing half time. He stood in front of Ayaz and asked him to attempt the paper. One of the student had attempted the paper and invigilator got that paper and came to Ayaz. Ayaz attempted the paper very quickly and gave it to the invigilator. He was very happy that he had done the paper properly. We are feeling that our hardworking was only the wastage of time. We were thinking that he was lucky who had attempted paper without any tension with the help of money. He gave 1000 Rupees to invigilator for this purpose.

He was taunting us and was thinking of next paper. But when we came to book, we noticed that he had attempted paper with wrong answers. He did not study even a single word after the send up exams and had no idea about the answers. He just relied on the invigilator who arranged attempted paper of a dull student. He gave this paper to Ayaz who attempted it quickly. Invigilator had concern only with money, he had no idea about the paper. This was a situation of distress for the Ayaz. He was very worried. We showed our sympathy to him and asked him to prepare well for the next paper. He realized his mistake and made his mind to prepare for the next paper.

When result was announced Ayaz was passed but he got too low marks. He was at the margin of failure. He could get much better score if he had studied even in the last night. He realised that there was no short cut of success.

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After that he worked hard, improved his intermediate education and got admission in one of the good Medical College in Lahore. He became doctor and then got a very good job. Physics paper was his turning point in his life.




Success cannot be achieved without hard working. There is no short cut to be succeeded. We should hard work to get success. Sometimes God give us very small success and we are frustrated that we are not succeeded, but these small success lead you to big success. We can also say that failures are roadmap to the success. We should not try to focus on the short cuts because short cuts give you temporary success or short cuts are always fatal.

We need to work hard if we want to get a success in our life. Hard working is the only key to success, there is no short cut to success.