Faiza Aslam was living in such a society where girls were married off after matric or intermediate. She was willing to study more but she was also married, but she continued her efforts and had a strong relation with the books. After some years she done her degree in Psychology and made her training company in spite of many hurdles. She is now providing training to others and is a big source of motivation, her story teaches us how to be succeeded in your life and how to convert small opportunities to achieve something bigger.

Here is her story of success….

Success wasn’t presented to me in a plate. The family i was born in wasn’t in favor of girls getting professional education. After matric or intermediate exams, girls were married off. Girls generally are of a sensitive and compromising nature, due to which they sacrifice their dreams and wishes when required. This is what i had to do as well. The thought of studying ahead, making use of my talent remained within as i entered the new phase of my life: marriage.

The fact that i couldn’t study ahead is solely because of the basless customs and traditions of my community and this society. This deep passion to become someone didn’t let me sit idle. The one habit that helped me the most in growing as a person was reading books. Books became my best friend. I’d read all sorts of self help and personality grooming books etc. These books taught me to take full responsibility of my actions otherwise my world would have stopped. I learned that life doesn’t change by complaining, but by taking responsibility of it. I wanted to hold the steering wheel of my lifes driving seat. There was this insane passion, devotion and wish to achieve something, to be some one in life, to help anyone in the society who is suffering from any sort of domestic or social problem like me.

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I wanted to help them achieve something big, help them get hold of their life back. Living in a society where a working women is pin pointed and labeled, this wasn’t going to be easy. Not just outsiders even my own relatives created problems for me, but as the saying goes God help those who help themselves. I took the full responsibility of changing my life, waking up to a better tomorrow. To start with, i completed my education, went to different universities for it. Virtual University, KU and PafKiet were my main source of education.

I took courses of psychology and counselling from these universities and started proper practice by the name of Health and Happiness. Health and Happiness is such a forum where people can contact me for psychological problems or other issues such as marital or teenage/child counseling. With this, we also provide Skype, Online sessions for people who are uncomfortable in getting help face to face. As life changed all shackles broke down. I learned to complain less, take full responsibility, became self confident, learned to trust myself. I decided that if anyone can do something about my life its only me.

Are you ready to give yourself, your life a chance?

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