Atif Masood belongs to small city of Pakistan, Jehlum. He is currently in UK and is working with XL Radio Birghamin. He is promoting Urdu language there with his efforts. He is working on this thing with greater dedication.

He was born in Jehlum and started his early education. He came to Karachi with his family and done his B.Com. He was not very bright student, he was an average student, his aim was to be succeeded. After that he searched for the job, and got job in F.M 95 Jhelum in 2001. He was very happy because this job was exactly compatible to his mind. He started to work with dedication because it was his passion. But his father asked him to leave that job because he thought that was not good job by earning point of view.

He wanted to continue, but his family members were not happy. There was a situation of restlessness in his home and at the end he was asked to leave the home. He was very worried, but he continued his job and made a mind to do something bigger for the country and for his family.

Atif masood is promoting urdu

In 2008 he went to England and got job in BBC, but he left that job because there was a lobby in his department and that lobby was not willing to see him as employ of BBC. After few months of struggling he got job in Radio XL, Birmingham, UK.

After, that he worked hard there and became a popular Presenter in Radio XL. He is promoting Urdu language there with all his efforts and also got the opportunities to meet with many famous personalities of the world. He is among top 10 presenters of Urdu, he got best Urdu Presenter of England, award in 2015, awarded by Lord Mare.

His family is very happy now specially his father really respects him and he is very dear to him now. Atif Masood thinks that it was his father who lead him to the success. His father asked him to leave his home and that was turning point of his life.

Atif masood is promoting urdu

He thinks that if you want to get success in your life you should face the challenges of life, one who face bigger challenges become more successful. If you are not facing challenges it means you cannot become more successful person. God always give an opportunity in your life to do something, and you have to take your decision to utilise that opportunity. If you use that opportunity then you will become successful, if not then you have to work hard more. We also needs to improve our ethical values, it is our collective duty.

If you want success then your mind should be relaxed, so that you can focus on your main goals. Satisfaction and purification of mind only come when we offer five times prayers, and God will also help us to achieve our goals.

He is very regular in his prayers and advice to all of us to do the same, because it is ultimate way of success.

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