When we make our mind and set our goal we can achieve anything in our life. First of all we should have to prepare for the success and surely we will be succeeded. Many people fail in their life because they stop struggling, in the end they are left with nothing. These people become source of disappointment for the others and hence many others are also demotivated.

On the contrary many people play a vital role in the motivation of others, they inspire others. They set an example in their life with the help of hard working.

When I was in 8th class I was a good student but I was very lazy. I was over confident on my abilities therefore I used to waste my time on unnecessary things. I used to think in my mind that I would get very good marks in the examination and my fellows could never compete me, I thought that I was brilliant.

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But all these my perceptions came to an end when teachers declared me as most dull student of the class. I was very disappointed due to this declaration. My teachers selected some of the students which were very bright according to them and I was not selected in that group. That group was given much attention and it seemed that that group would get very good marks in the exams. I tried to be selected in that group but I was rejected. This was more than enough for me. I was demotivated and was thinking to give up my study. But then I thought that would be a negative thinking, I would fight and would get very good marks. In the beginning that thing shacked my confidence but latter on I made my mind to work hard so that I could prove to my teachers that I was best. Teachers gave beneficial material for the exams to that group, and they paid special attention. I also used to sneak that material by my personal resources.

All the members of my class hated me because there was a time when I hated them. I felt regret in my mind of all my wrong deeds. I used to study late at night. After sometimes I was waiting for the exams anxiously, after few months’ exam date sheet was announced and I prepared according to the date sheet.

I appeared in the exam and attempted papers very well. Exams were conducted by the Board but not by the school. All my fellows of brilliant group were also very confident. After the exams they went to the teachers and told them about their papers. Teachers were very happy and they said that one of the boy from that brilliant group was going to top the school. I also told them about my papers but they did not give much importance to my wording. They smiled on me and were thinking that I would not be able to even pass the exams, but I was very confident.

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After, some days result day came and all of us were very excited to know about the result. I got my bicycle and went to a book shop to know about my result. I was shocked to know that I topped the exams, this was a breaking news for our school. I was so excited that I left my bicycle on that book shop and ran toward school to tell my teachers. I went there and told my teachers about my top position.

They were all shocked and they did not believe on me. After passing few hours they got the news by authentic resources that I was the topper of the school. After many hours I realised that I had left my bicycle on the book shop I went there and got it and went back to home to tell the story of my success.

Hence, hard working was the only thing due to which a most dull student of the class got first position among 200 students. My story is inspiration for all others especially for the students. You should not be worried due to thinking of the other people. You should focus on your work, and do not pay any attention to others. Your hard work will inspire others and will lead you to the success.