If we assume that human beings are image of God, then we can also assume that we have some qualities common to God. Everyone has one of the quality of God which he has created in the human being. If we have some qualities like him it means we are also creative, and one of the most important quality about creativity is inspiration. But the question is that from where you can get the inspiration? There are many answers of these questions, but I recommend you to read the related material and quotes and simply create it.

a stone on a small rock, inspire.pk

I have tried this technique in my life and have learnt a lot from this thing. I have many quotes in my life which inspired me and I started to work with greater dedication. For example when sometimes I cannot see breakthrough in my business then I love to read the quote by Lao Tzu: “A journey of thousand miles begin with a single step”. When I read this I think in my mind that I am working slowly but later on at some time it will prove that i have done something new in my life. I think that even my first step is small but if i carefully analyse, I can see that i have better than what i have done before one month ago. In this way I am inspired and started to work with greater dedication.

There are some other sources of inspiration which artist use frequently like alcohol, drugs and other harmful activities but I assure you that you can be inspired without using these sorts of things. People who have achieved something in their life have shown to the world that you can achieve anything in your life without using drugs etc. Every single moment provide an opportunity to get inspiration in us, but we fail to observe it. Infant drugs etc deprive us from the inspiration and these have also bad impacts on our life, it also disturbs our social life.

So we move in wrong direction to get inspired, which actually kill our inspiration and after sometimes we become senseless. In this way we become our own enemy and we start to destroy ourselves instead of creating.

We should try to inspire ourselves with the help of simple things, and according to me inspirational quotes are very important in this way.