It is duty of every one of us to do something for the society and for the individuals around us. We need to know the condition of our neighbours. We should try to eliminate the social evils from the society if we can. Our religion also force us to do the same thing. It is very difficult to eliminate a social evil from the society but we should loss hope. Try, try and try again. On one day you will get the result of your tries.

I have same thinking in my mind and I always try to reduce the bad evils from the people around me whether they are friends or my colleagues.

begger, inspire.pkI remember a person who was a beggar and used to beg every day. He was physically fit and had no disease etc. He was around about 35 years of age. One day he came to me and asked for money, I observed him carefully and after thinking in my mind gave him some rupees. Then I saw him begging many times in the streets. I always shocked to see him begging in the streets and people used to give him response just as I did. I had desire in my mind that I could guide him so that he could leave the profession of begging. But I left this idea because I thought that it was not possible practically. I thought I cannot change his thinking.

He was a professional beggar and would not be agree to leave this profession. One day I saw him again in the streets and he came to me for begging. I started to teach him unintentionally. He was surprised to see wording from me, he was not expecting these sorts of wording for him. I tried to understand him politely but he was not convinced. Then I changed the angle of my discussion and asked his problems. He told me some of his problems and I gave him solution that these problems could only be solved if he would work for his family. I spent almost an hour on that beggar. I was observing that my words were just flowing over his head.


After one week I saw that person again, but this time he was not begging. He had bricks on his head and working as a labor. I was very happy to see him, he saw towards me and said thanks to me. It was a great experience of my life because I had changed the thinking of a person. I do not know he continued the work or not because I never saw him again in the streets.

We should not give up our effort to reduce the social evils in the society. Sometimes it looks that our efforts are useless, in fact these efforts are sources of changing in individuals around us. At the beginning these efforts give minute results but if we keep on increasing the dose we can get the required result.