Disabilities are something we can’t have power on them. But by little effort we can overcome our disabled features very easily. Let’s have some intro first:

What is actually disability means?

By the definition, it is a sort of disorder and it may be physical, mental, intellectual, cognitive, and developmental or can be sensory. We can’t say that having one leg is called disability, but having every body part with less active functions is also added in disability meanings. If we say that this word has a vast meaning, it won’t be wrong.


Further according to our title, “Disabilities of any sort are an opportunity for personal growth” is a topic we are going to discuss below:

As mentioned above, types of disabilities are covering a wide area in the field of disorders. At one side where these disorders can seal capability of a person’s normal activities, same at other side these impairments can results in big achievements as well. After applying little efforts on personal developments, a person start achieving goals what even a normal person could not.

There are thousands of examples of disabled people, including disabled women who are yet giving their best on very high ranks. It’s just depends on person’s will to avail opportunities of having breath in their bodies. “A dead can do nothing, but alive can do everything without having anything.” 

1- Learning disabilities:

Debatable or speech able, readable, and learnable or exam able parts of school times leads many children who are suffering from learning disabilities. Their teacher thoughts they are dumb and cannot appear to be normal like others. But they don’t know about the facts, that disables are the ones who can achieve greater than normal ones. They just need extra attention and care to convert their disabilities into powerful abilities.

mental disability inspire.pk

For instance:

Tom cruise! Yes he has been formally diagnosed with Dyslexia (a learning disorder). He can only memorize scripts by listening them to a tape. Today everyone is a huge fan of him because he didn’t lose his self confidence of doing something great.

2- Developmental disorders:

Developmental disorders are also a very vast term for disorders that came up by birth or during fetal stages. They maybe physical or mental and can let down a person if they don’t indulge themselves in self improvement tips.

For instance:

Geri Jewell, a woman born with disabilities of normal speech and physical co-ordinations due to Cerebral Palsy but now look up on her, she is a great actor having starring roles in some amazing featured stories like “facts of life” and “dead wood”.

3- Mental Disabilities:

Very common disability type is mental disability and its population is increasing day by day. The important factor that develops mental disorders is technology at the top. Intellectual disabilities are also lies under this umbrella and can be life threatening. But again, after little concentration to own goal settings, a one can achieve something mind blowing.

mental disability inspire.pk

For instance:

John Nash, A famous American Mathematician is a patient of schizophrenia. He loves to attend math everywhere. After his college times, he showed off signs of paranoid schizophrenia but never left his devotions to mathematics and yet he is considered to be as outstanding mathematician.

Hence proved, disabilities are opportunities to do something different. Few tips, positive thinking and continuous motivations are the only things required to achieve a powerful trophy.    


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