Thoughts and articles

Thoughts and articles

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Get inspiration with the help of inspirational quotes

If we assume that human beings are image of God, then we can also assume that we have some qualities common to God. Everyone has one of the quality of God which he has...
a worried student who is dull,

How A Dull Student Became A Topper

When we make our mind and set our goal we can achieve anything in our life. First of all we should have to prepare for the success and surely we will be succeeded. Many people...
i accept full responsibility, a perfect story of ethical improvement.

A Perfect Story Of Ethical Improvement

We conducted a survey in our society about the ethical values. About 90% people admitted that ethical values are continuously declining in our country. Education system has flopped, it only gives opportunity to get...
a skull representing evils.

Elimination of Social Evils in a Society

It is duty of every one of us to do something for the society and for the individuals around us. We need to know the condition of our neighbours. We should try to eliminate...

Key to success in life

During my intermediate study there was my friend who was very bright student. He got very good marks in matriculation and got admission in FC college on of the best college in Pakistan. He...
heart, fruit benefit,

Pain during the illness is a blessing of God

Pain is a blessing of God, it is not a bane. It is a source of information for you about any fault in your body. Pain basically provides you protection. I am sharing a story...