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i accept full responsibility, a perfect story of ethical improvement.

A Perfect Story Of Ethical Improvement

We conducted a survey in our society about the ethical values. About 90% people admitted that ethical values are continuously declining in our country....
a skull representing evils.

Elimination of Social Evils in a Society

It is duty of every one of us to do something for the society and for the individuals around us. We need to know...

Key to success in life

During my intermediate study there was my friend who was very bright student. He got very good marks in matriculation and got admission in...
heart, fruit benefit,

Pain during the illness is a blessing of God

Pain is a blessing of God, it is not a bane. It is a source of information for you about any fault in your...
man fat, how to loose weight

How to loose weight naturally—-Enzyme method

ENZYMES ARE AN IMPORTANT piece of the nutritional puzzle, especially when you're trying to lose belly fat or any excess weight. They help to...

Biology Experiments for Teachers – Enzymes: Catalase

Safety. Although the hazards in the following experiments are negligible, you are advised to consult the latest edition of 'Safeguards in the School Laboratory'...