So do you have any confusion in the statement “failure is the key to success”? Alright, then surely this article is for you! Keep reading and find your confusion to be clear.

Hundreds of time we used to get upset while facing failure to our goals. Sometimes after seeing our final exam result sheets, sometimes while checking our name in the list of job holders after an unsuccessful job interview, or sometimes while finding that our best ideas were the worst ones. But trust me failure doesn’t matters, what actually matters is the experience you got after the achieving your failure. This experience is worth enough to put your name in the list of toppers of the time. You just need to know and accept that the first line of this article is more than right and the success will let you taste its sweetness.

How failure can fix your success:

Here are some motivational reasons to the answer why and how failure can fix your success. Ingenious says: “opportunity lies in every defeat”, let’s find out opportunities from continuous defeats.

1- Failure is your potent educator:

Why and how some people embrace success after just a little mistake? Reason is that they observe their initial defeats very keenly. From well known scientists to well known sportsman, every person faced defeats first, but they didn’t stop there. Keep moving with even worst conditions, because your worst will lead you to bad, your bad will lead you to fine and your fine will lead you to the best! Make a strong will and touch the sky with your little fingers full of experiences.

2- Sets aside your ego rules:

Failure sets asides your ego rules, yes! This is the main thing which is necessary in getting a well known success. To lift up your name, putting down your ego is more important. As polite and kind attitude in words make you a righteous one to hold the sky in your hand.

                            “Failure comes from ego, greed, envy, and fear.
I have success not because I am smart but because I am rational”

                                                     (Warren Buffett)

failure is the key to success

3- Recognize your failure:

To avail above two points, you must recognize your failures first. People who got tired so soon, even after their 1st defeat are the ones who never achieve their goals. Don’t just shutdown your strength at the step of your failure. Try to find your flaws at that step. Repair them, and step ahead once again. You can either release a new idea by re-casting your flaws in the previous failure to build a new step.

4- Make some new mistakes:

Don’t try to erase your mistakes. This can give you more disappointments. However luck also matters, but expert opinion is to re-pair previous mistakes rather than to erase them. Erasing means you don’t want to think about your mistakes, and wants you to make some new ones. To make new defeats are good but in case of neglecting the previous ones, who will not be able to take your steps forward. Make some new failures to enjoy your victory at its best.

failure is the key to success

5- Take a nap after a defeat:

This last one is not the reason but can help you out in achieving success. Take a nap and relax your mind. After that with a deep breath, find your open ways and the doors that are closed now. And enjoy your dreams with opened eyes!

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently”                                                                          (Henry Ford)