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Ajmal Khan Rodi Alizai is one of the intellectual, resourceful and writer relating from Chaman. He is regarding as one of the famous historian writer of Chaman, publishing his first volume “History of Chaman” book at the age of 20, he became a literary celebrity during his life when works such as History of Chaman with Pre-Colonial British india times history in Pakistan & Afghanistan. The book History started from Before Partion of Sub-continent  up to date when the Mughal Dynasty, Safavid dynasty, barakzai and Durrani dynasty ruled in the South Asia.

Ajmal Khan Rodi writer of inspire.pkAjmal Khan Rodi was born in Chaman (Old Margha Chaman) Baluchistan, Pakistan. His father was a boys and girls College Principal and currently serving as History Subject professor in Islamic Boys College Quetta, and Ajmal did some of his studies at his father College. After completing high school, Ajmal passed the F.SC (Pre-Medical) entrance examination and spent a year at home reading and writing, then he joined Networking Engineering CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Association) course in Quetta and gained the specific course CISCO in CCNA department. He spent most of his time in Social activities in which he took parts in Anti Corruption Department and Civil Society Organization in Chaman. He developed the social scheme in Chaman where a a large number of people refrain from getting injustice in society. After Intermediate, he joined the Raaziq International Private Limited in which he was posted as SPD Officer in Chaman to monitor and analysis the American ISAF NATO cargo to Pakistan & Afghanistan, then he joined the Revenue Department Deputy Commissioner officer as a Supervisor at District Killa Abdullah at Chaman.

AJmal Khan Rodi writer of History of Chaman inspire.pkIn April 2016, he wrote the Historical book which was named “History of Chaman” , it was the first ever cordial attempt in the History of Baluchistan. 3 year before of completing his attempt he used to start  contacting many libraries & Museums of sovereign countries i.e British Congress Libraries , National Library of Islamabad, Kabul Afghanistan Library , he gained historical pictures and agreement from these Libraries where non of any person try to attain these things. In these attempt he gained 100 years old Pictures and agreement of the British India times including the Water Pipe line Project from Kojak to Chaman, Land purchased 5303 Acre by British government from Local people, Railway extended line, Kojak tunnel built agreement etc. After publishing the “History of Chaman” Book the books were sold like hot cakes in markets, readers appreciated and commented (Expression) the book on Social media   He faced many difficulties while written this book such as Grammatical error, printing mistake etc. It took 3 year for completion of the book, It was take up to four months or more, to get his book reviewed by numerous Professor’s and high qualified teachers also were registered from government of Pakistan. According to the said mentioned writer Ajmal Khan; Writing and publishing a book is no easy task. But with enough dedication, some people to help you like editors and agents, and your creative mind, you can get it done. Start by setting daily goals you can accomplish. Once you finally have a book, look at your publishing options. Do be realistic about your expectations. The prospect should be fun and not a chore.

Ajmal Khan Rodi writer of history of Chaman inspire.pkBeing published is not all there is to the realm of writing. In this book he proposed the Infrastructure development of society in which was based on Historical Background, Conflict resolution, marriages, culture, social relation, tribal effect, socio politics and education, whereas to be mentioned that Chaman is situated in the North-West of Quetta and Pishin of a distance of 76 miles and 56 miles respectively. It is the border town as well as the terminal railway station of the Pakistan railway.  It is lying at the foot of Khwaja Amran mountains, popularly it is called Kojak Mountain (7475 ft) it is the headquarter of chaman Sub-division or tehsil. Killa Abdullah is another town in this Tehsil. The main population is that of the Achakzai tribes, somehow Rodi Alizai, kakars, khilji, Popalzai, sadozai, syed are inhabitant of chaman.

Chaman is situated on the international route to Kandahar and Kabul. It has no long history or archeology. It is a newly settled town in the early twentieth century. Chaman came into existence when the British established their power in this border area. The old name of Chaman was (Margha Chaman) A grassy plain (chaman) lying at the foot of the hills which form the northwestern edge of the Toba plateau. “Margha” is a Pashto word which mean flow of Water around the mountains or stream.

On August 4, 2016, Ajmal Khan organized a book launching ceremony in BRSP Sports complex College Chaman to release, its recent published History of Chaman book, “Culture, Sports, Topography, Personality, British Era, Kojak, Historical Background, Tribes, and belief of Pashtunistan in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Government officials, diplomatic representatives, civil society activists, tribal elders, students, academia and media attended the launching ceremony.

Fazal Rehman Bazai, Principal of Govt Degree College Chaman introduced the book, which symbolizes Pakistan and Afghanistan and the region’s shared cultural heritage in British Era. Tribal elders and Education officers spoke at the opening ceremony. This book consisted of 310 Pages, The book is a symbolic collaboration among two countries Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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