Ahmad Hussain has won dozens of Guinness World Records in spite of limited resources. He has achieved all these records without any sponsorship of Government or any other person. He is an Peace Ambassador for Pakistan. He is showing positive image of Pakistan to the world.
He is a role model for others and source of motivation.

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He belongs to Peshawar, a beautiful city in KPK, Pakistan. He was a child when he realised his potential as a sportsman. He used to run with his fellows, he started cricket and worked hard in it. After some times he realised that cricket is not for him even though he was very good all rounder. He was busy to explore his potential.
He found that his potential was in athlete. He worked hard and after some years he represented his country in the international level. This story goes on and after passing some years he won many records. He was very happy because his dream came true.

All these records were won by him without any support of Government, he thought in his mind that he should explore and support the young talent. So in an effort he established Pakistan book of record to produce motivation in new ones.

ahmad hussain inspire.pk

He is going to many institutions to produce awareness in the children for the sports, he has also started coaching classes for this purpose. He wants to see Pakistan as great nation in the world and it is his wish that young blood should come to front and should lead the Pakistan in every field of life.
He faced many struggles in his life bravely. He has only one message to all of us that we should focus on our targets to achieve something in our life.
He is pride of Pakistan and serving a peace Ambassador of Pakistan.

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