We conducted a survey in our society about the ethical values. About 90% people admitted that ethical values are continuously declining in our country. Education system has flopped, it only gives opportunity to get very good marks in the examination but it does not provide ethical training to the children.

Ethics are only left for the religious scholars and for the parents. We observe that most of the parents are uneducated and they are unable to train their children ethically. So religious scholars are very important to improve ethical values in the children according to most of the people.

This is very misfortune condition in our country. But many people are also present in this country who are inspiration for others.

I know a boy who was very intelligent and he secured very good marks throughout his study. He had some ups and downs but overall he was brilliant. When we were in intermediate class he used to go for coaching classes. There was an academy near our college which gave the service of coaching classes. System of collection of fee was not good in that academy therefor many students were not willing to pay fee deliberately. One of my friend also did not pay 4-5 times in that academy. At that time fee was 500 per subject. He used to take the classes of 3 subjects. He was not like his other friends, but his friends forced him not to give fee. Whenever teachers asked for fee he told them that he had paid, he was telling a lie. He had regret in his mind but he never noticed it.

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One day one of the teacher of Chemistry said that he knew many of them were not paying fee. He need money because he was providing them service, he deserved that money because he was very competent teacher. After demanding many times, teacher cursed the students who had not paid their fee. My friend felt some regret in his mind but latter on he did not pay attention to the wording of his teacher. Teacher was annoyed on the behaviour and he said that they would never be able to get success in their life because it was a malediction of a teacher. My friend smiled and thought in his mind that he had listened many maledictions in his life. He did not pay his fee even after the malediction of the teacher. Perhaps he was facing financial crisis because his financial condition was not good and his parents used to send him limited amount of money.

After, that he found that malediction had effects on him. He was very worried but was not able to find the cause. He worked hard and did not get good result. He kept on working nicely and got admission in Engineering.

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After, passing his Engineering he realised the mistake which he made 12 years ago. He was deeply repented and was curious to know the address of those teachers. He searched in his community and found one of the teacher. He went there and gave him a packet and said it was a loan which I had to return you. In that packet he had written all the story and then moved away from that position. Teacher opened the packet and he was deeply impressed and told this inspirational story to all his students many times. My friend had become the role model for the youngsters. He had done a great job, when he told this story to me I was very happy and tears fell down from my eyes. After, that he found the other teachers and gave back their money. When I asked him that before 12 years ago fee was 500 per subject but now that is 1000 per subject, so how you have managed this thing? He told me that he paid them fee according to the present rates. This thing gave me a one more shock. But I was proud on him.

I am thinking now people are saying that our young generation has no ethical values but it is not 100% true. We have many people who have ethical values and they prove this thing in their daily life.

I want to see all the people in my country to become a role model for the others. In this way we can improve the ethical values of our society.


  1. Hello there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!