Fakhar Kazmi belongs to the city of saints Multan. He born there and got his early education from Multan. He moved to University for the higher education and got admission in MSc Criminology.

Criminology was not popular at that time and most of the people had negative opinion about that field. They advised him to avoid that degree because that had no scope according to them.

fakhar kazmi inspire.pkThey were right because he did not get job after the completion of his degree. It was very tough period for him but he thought a different idea.

He started research on behalf of himself, no body was supporting him in his cause. He started to send his research to different organisations including interior ministry and ministry of all the provinces and to United Nation.

His work was impressive and after some times he got very good job and his responsibility was as trainer of Punjab Police. It was tough for him to manage the pressure during lecture delivering in front of officers. His seniors guide him and told him some useful tips and he also practised a lot. As a result he delivered all lectures very well and became famous with in no time.

It was very motivated thing for him, he further continued and soon got good news from United Nation Security Department. He also worked for this organisation.

This was very good news for him and he realised that he was working hard. He is now lectures in University of Lahore and serving this University.

He told us that criminology was his passion, he developed interest in criminology by watching action movies. He used to think that i would become a person who would control the crime.

After his LLB luckily Criminology started in Pakistan and he got admission without any hesitation.

He was very happy about his field selection because it was according to his mind. After completion he worked in it and got success.

He also advice other that they should work whatever they love. It is very bad for the parents to impose decisions on children regarding the career selection. 

Watch Kazmi’s video interview to listen his tips