Ahsan got his early education from a Government School. He was very bright student, and always stood first in his class. Due to hard finance support they all brothers were given competition that one who would get first position in class would be able to continue his study. Two of His brothers left school because they could not meet given condition;  He completed his graduation from Haily College of commerce Punjab University and got 10th position. After some years he done his MBA from NCBA Multan. 

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After graduation he started CA but he could not concentrate of CA He got first job. He worked very hard and got three promotion in a year .

He has also done good work in teaching & consoling, one of his student got 2nd position in B-come in whole Punjab.

He burnet his candles from bother ends and changed every moment of his life into opportunity once was punished due to his mistake in job, and was forced to step down from his rank and appointed at production unit out of LAHORE. He was never disappointed at all and worked much harder. after some months that hard time turned into a blessing for him and he learnt all the weaving and spinning process in deep detail .he got a 4 time better job and Then he got the chance to interact with international markets like Itlay, Germany , Spain and many European countries.

During 12 years of his JOB he was always a strategic player changing the dynamics of the organization and leading it toward success most of the time his hard working abilities and straight forward attitude make him face many challenges he had not only to fight with external challenges he had also to face many rivals and politics with in organization,

ahsan ali inspire.pk

He left his final job in 2015. He decided to establish his own business, his best friends helped him to make a company Techno Textile with lot of hard work, honesty, devotion and commitment  just in few months he regain his status within no time. 

In his video interview he has told many important tricks, for those who have started their business or willing to start their business.   

He had social connection, practical experience, trust of people, commitment, hard working nature so he decided to use all these qualities for his business, which he used successfully.

According to him, respect of your parents, commitment, sincerity, dedication are keys to success. He advised others to educate themselves only for knowledge, and not for money or job. If you have good knowledge, money and job will come to you automatically


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