Fahad Younis was born in district Layyah of southern Punjab and got his early education from his ancestral city. He was graduated from BZU Multan. Fahad was very energetic and had a receptive mind and was passionate to do something for the society. According to Fahad , radio changed his whole life, he developed interest in the radio and started to think that one day he will also become the radio host, which seems impossible at that time. His dream of Radio Rj fulfilled now and he is doing a very good job in FM-89 Layyah.

Fahad Younis Inspire.pkAt the beginning it was very tough to get job in Radio but he started to work for radio as free of cost and showed his abilities. Started his radio career from Phone Operator but improved himself in a short time. Higher management realised his potential and give him a good job, his responsibilities were tough but he never gave up. Management assigned him tasks that were not related to his job responsibilities but he was passionate.

Managers were compelled to give him responsibilities according to his job as they found him very hard working. Before being Media guy he worked as a volunteer with The NGO’s World Foundation for the welfare of the country. He got a great training on social media by that NGO in 2012, which totally changed his perspective about social media then he decided to work on social media and now he is also doing work and is conducting the interviews of the personalities who have achieved milestones in their life.

Fahad younis inspire.pkHe is the host of different social media online shows including Meri Kahani Show. He has become the voice of these personalities and is sharing their ideas to the people so that they can be motivated. Every successful person has some story behind him, and Fahad is bringing that story to the other people so that they can also act upon the golden rules of the successful persons. In this it will be easy for them to select the right path instead of roaming. He is very dedicated to his work, he thinks that if every body start doing something for the society, this country will become one of the great country in the world.He just launched his own production studio & some exiting shows are coming soon on social media. Stay tuned…

Watch his Video Interview to know his thoughts and tips of success